Da milagrosa Imagem de nossa Senhora do Castello de Aljuster, em o Campo de Ourique

APL 1443

An image of Our Lady is found on a boulder on the hill of the now ruined castle of Aljustrel. Because it soon becomes the source of wonders, the priest decides to take it into his parish. However, "she would return served by angels to her boulder, and here her house started being erected."(p. 561). The text simply mentions that the boulder where the image was first seen is included in the foundations and some of it can be seen outside the main altar. It adds that the dust of this boulder has healing virtues.  

Source AGOSTINHO DE SANTA MARIA, Fr. Santuário Mariano Alcalá, Imperitura, 2007 [1711] , p.tomo VII, parte VI, Ch. IX, pp. 560-62

Place of collection Aljustrel, ALJUSTREL, BEJA


When XVIII Century,

BeliefUnsure / Uncommitted