Da Imagem de nossa Senhora da Peninha, no termo de Cintra

APL 1455

Dumb and deaf little shepherdess [D]looks for a lost sheep and finds a beautiful girl on the top of a boulder [App], who tells the child to look for six loafs of bread inside her mother’s trunk. As the child comes home she talks and the loaves are in the trunk. The locals look for the girl and find an image of Our Lady in the cleft of a boulder. They take it to a nearby church but it returns to the boulder [A]. A poor chapel is built (16th cent.), then destroyed (1673); a man spends all his fortune in erecting a beautiful chapel on the same site and becomes the hermit thereof (contemporary of the writer).

Source AGOSTINHO DE SANTA MARIA, Fr. Santuário Mariano Alcalá, Imperitura, 2007 [1711] , p.tomo II, parte I, Ch. XVI, pp. 53-59

Place of collection Colares, SINTRA, LISBOA


When XVIII Century,

BeliefUnsure / Uncommitted