Archive of Portuguese Legends

The Archive of Portuguese Legends (APL) is a data-base connected with an FCT approved project led by the CEAO of the University of the Algarve (PTDC/ELT/65673/2006). It aims at gathering everything connected with legends (lato sensu), from oral belief narratives to “literary” legends, from unpublished recordings to all kinds of written sources.

The APL is work in progress with a tentative classification by genre, a tool of research which will be refined it as we get feedback from the data inserted in it as well as from your comments <>

Please browse through the menus or use our search tool.

The menu on the left refers to genres. As you click on any of them, sub-categories will appear, each one leading you to a list of items which you can choose to read at length.

On the right hand-side you will find an alternative gate to the texts – a frequency-graded list of keywords relevant to the whole corpus - operational through the keywords you click.

Finally, the “Search Window” (above the keywords) enables you to browse based on titles, localities, bibliography and so on.

Enjoy the journey!