APL 1454 Da Imagem de N. S. das Amoras

Image appears on a cork tree loaded with blackberries. After the flights [A], people thought of cutting the cork tree so as to take the stump into the church, but the one who attempted to do it was badly hurt in his leg. It was then understood that the lady wanted to be revered where the cork tree was. So they built the chapel near the cork tree and when it was ready and they removed the image into the church, she was found again, the next day, on the cork tree. “With these wonders they were convinced that the Lady did not want to leave the tree that was likely to have given her shelter for many years; as this Lady is thankful even to the trees that give her shelter and protect her from the malignity of men.” (p. 194). So it was decided that the chapel should be extended to encompass the tree on a side altar and of which they left the stump of the trunk to serve as a stand to the image. 

AGOSTINHO DE SANTA MARIA, Fr. Santuário Mariano , Imperitura, 2007 [1711] , p.tomo III, parte II, Ch. XIII, pp. 192-195
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18 Century,
Unsure / Uncommitted