APL 1451 Da milagrosa Imagem de nossa Senhora da Mouta do lugar de Gondolim, termo da Villa de Penacova

An image appears in a thicket of trees, inside an oak tree, on a hill. Local people were first attracted by the sound of a hand bell, but couldn’t find it until the third attempt.  They saw the image between two lighted candles, also a bell and a hand bell. They took it into a private home while a chapel was built on the hill top. Once taken in there the image disappeared back into the thicket, three times, until the foundations of an old chapel were found nearby, and the chapel was raised there. Still, the next morning it was found at the entrance and they assumed it wanted windows built. The sound of the hand bell would calm storms. The big bell was given to another church, but it returned to near this image until the locals promised to organise a procession in her honour every year. They forgot to do it two years in a row and the bell deserted the other church. From then onwards the people never forgot to honour this Lady.

AGOSTINHO DE SANTA MARIA, Fr. Santuário Mariano , Imperitura, 2007 [1711] , p.tomo VII, parte IV, Ch. XXIX, pp. 467-483
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18 Century,
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